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We, Fertility Centre Siliguri specialize in fertility solutions, we’ve perfect and suitable solutions for all kinds of infertility issues.

    IVF is commonly known as in vitro fertilization or test tube baby. It is the foundation of assisted reproductive techniques. The IVF procedure offers hope and opportunities to several infertile couples. Many couples who have been waiting for many years to become a parent can choose this treatment. 

    As a result of this fertility treatment, many people have smiled as this artificial treatment provides the biological baby to infertile couples. so, this treatment is a hope and blessing for infertile couples. This treatment is used by couples facing the issue of infertility. 

    IVF is an infertility treatment for infertile couples. The treatment is considered the idea of modern technique in the fertility industry. In IVF, an egg is collected from the female partner and sperm is collected from the male partner and then combined in a laboratory dish to facilitate the stage of fertilisation. After that, the fertilized egg turns into an embryo which is placed into the woman’s uterus to develop a successful pregnancy.

    In short, a fertility procedure that helps infertile couples to create their little ones using the latest technologies and highly skilled medical expertise.


    Why Does One Need IVF?

    • Blocked Fallopian Tubes
    • Ovulation Disorders
    • Endometriosis
    • Uterine Fibroids
    • Previous tubal sterilization or removal
    • Impaired sperm production or function
    • Unexplained Infertility
    • Genetic disorders
    • If a person is suffering from cancer or other life-threatening diseases.

    What Is The Procedure Of IVF?


    IVF Treatment




    Sucess Rate

    1. The IVF specialists start the IVF process with the consultation
    2. Ovaries are triggered with hormonal prescriptions recommended by the specialists when the ovaries are stimulated and eggs are developed then eggs are recovered from the ovaries utilizing the catheter
    3. On the day of egg retrieval, the sperm sample is collected from the male partner eggs and sperm are joined in a lab dish to perform preparation.
    4. The embryo that results from fertilization is examined by an embryologist to identify any problems, and then a healthy embryo is chosen and transferred into the woman’s uterus.
    5. when every one of the means is done then the pregnancy is checked through the blood test.
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