Fertility Centre Siliguri is a place where individuals can get the Egg donation at affordable prices. When it comes to building a happy family with little ones, couples make every decision carefully and they find the centres that can provide deep insights and assistance throughout the egg donation procedure. Through this guide, we help you to get the clear and detailed information about the egg donation. 

Understanding Egg Donation:

Egg Donation at our fertility centre is a powerful tool for individuals with genetic disorders.tt is considered the part of the assisted reproductive technique. The egg donation includes the woman who donates her egg to another woman to carry the pregnancy successfully. when the woman have poor quality eggs then she uses the egg doonation. 

The Role of Egg Donors:

The egg donors play a crucial role in the life of recipient’s. The egg donors provide a way to parenthood for infertile couples struggling with the issue of poor-quality of eggs. The egg donors involves a healthy qualified woman who is selected to donate her eggs for the other couples to help them to become a parents of child. 

Empowering Parenthood:

The egg donation is a great opportunity for the individuals struggling with infertility. At our fertility centre, we open the doors for individauls to seek the egg donation and can experience the life of having a healthy baby. We help individuals to create or build a family. We witnessed the joy and fulfilment of dream of experience the parenting through the help of egg donation. Hence, the treatment brings the joy to the lives of struggling individuals. With the help of advanced equipments, unconditional care and support, proper guidance, etc, we ensure the successful egg donation.   

The Egg Donation Process:

The procedure of egg donation starts with the prescription of the medications. Throughout the egg donor’s menstrual cycle, injectable hormonal medications are provided to the egg donor so that ovaries can stimulate and produce multiple eggs. When the eggs are matured and ready to collect, a small surgical procedure is performed to retrieve the eggs then the retrieved eggs are sent to the embryologist for further medical examination. After that, the IVF procedure is performed in which the egg donor’s egg and the recipient’s partner’s sperm are collected to facilitate the fertilization. Next, the resulting embryo is transferred into the womb of the woman to develop the pregnancy. 

Success Stories:

At our fertility center, each success stories presents their own stories, representing the journey of victory over the infertility issues. the success stories at our fertility centre consists of hope, care, support, and the triumph. Through the egg donation program and egg donors, several infertile couples realised their dream of experiencing the life as parents. These success stories are the success of our fertility centre that always strive to fill the life of infertile couples with joy and happiness.  


In Siliguri’s premier fertility center, egg donation serves as a cornerstone of our commitment to helping individuals and couples achieve their dreams of parenthood. Through compassionate care, advanced technologies, and unwavering support, we empower our patients to embark on the journey of building their families with confidence and optimism. As we continue to uphold the highest standards of excellence in reproductive health, we remain steadfast in our mission to make parenthood a reality for all who seek our assistance.