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We, Fertility Centre Siliguri specialize in fertility solutions, we’ve perfect and suitable solutions for all kinds of infertility issues.

    ICSI, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, the name itself says injection it means this infertility treatment involves the injection that is injected into the egg in a laboratory. With the help of this treatment, an embryo is created which is placed into woman’s womb after the fertilization. 

    In short, the ICSI treatment involves a sperm injection which is inserted into single egg’s cytoplasm located in the center of the egg. This small procedure result in embryo. The ICSI treatment is like a IVF treatment. 

    The ICSI treatment is a successful treatment in Siliguri. Its success rate ranges from the 70 to 88%. So the individuals struggling with issues like the blockages in male reproductive organs, low sperm count, poor quality of sperm, if the semen is flowing backward into the bladder, and the main issue is when the invidividual is unable to ejaculate. 

    So to solve all these issues, the ICSI treatment is created for male individuals to treat the male infertility. This treatment has low prices and it includes direct insertion of single sperm into an egg. This treatment increases the chances of conceiving a baby. 

    Our fertility centre deeply understand the issues of infertility. Whether it is male infertility or female infertility. We handle all types of infertility at Fertility Centre Siliguri. 

    Why Does One Need ICSI?

    • If someone is using donor sperm.
    • Unexplained Infertility.
    • If someone is suffering from endometriosis.
    • Mild male factor infertility.
    • Cervical Factor Infertility.
    • Ovulation issues.
    • Semen allergy.

    How Do You Prepare?

    1. Begin by retrieving the egg from the ovaries under sedation.
    2. Following egg retrieval, obtain the semen sample from your partner.
    3. Ensure thorough washing of the semen to select the best sperm.
    4. In the lab, fertilize the egg with the chosen sperm.
    5. Finally, transfer the fertilized egg or embryo into the uterus.

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