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    Surrogacy has been performed since the period of Hindu mythology and in recent years, huge advancement is witnessed in the surrogacy treatment. It is a treatment used by the intended couples. These are those couples who suffer from infertility.

    Infertility can be caused by many factors including blockages or damage in the reproductive organs of the couples, age, hormonal imbalances, lifestyle factors, unexplained infertility, etc. So, several reasons contribute to the infertility of the couples

    Surrogacy becomes a solution for many intended couples facing the issue of infertility. It is a third-party reproduction treatment that helped many intended couples conceive the pregnancy. So, it can be beneficial for individuals struggling with conception or not able to conceive a baby.

    The surrogacy process is a way to achieve the parenthood. A surrogate mother and surrogacy practitioners play a important role, both the individuals helps the intended couples to make the journey of surrogacy successful. 

    Types of surrogacy

    • Traditional surrogacy involves surrogate who uses her eggs to fertilize with the sperm to create the embryo. 
    • Gestational surrogacy involves intended couples who uses their gametes to create embryo to implant into woman’s uterus.
    • Commercial involves monetary compensation provided to surrogate.
    • Altruistic surroagcy involves surrogate (close relative of intended couples) and she doesn’t receive monetary compensation.

    Why Does One Need Surrogacy?

    • Medical conditions prevent natural pregnancy.
    • Infertility issues hinder conception.
    • High-risk pregnancies pose health risks.
    • Same-sex couples desire biological children.
    • Uterine abnormalities impede carrying a child.
    • Previous unsuccessful IVF attempts warrant surrogacy.
    • Genetic disorders necessitate a healthy womb.
    • Age-related fertility decline requires alternative options.
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    What Is The Procedure Of Surrogacy?

    1. Legal agreement between intended parents and surrogate.
    2. Surrogate undergoes medical and psychological screening.
    3. Intended mother or egg donor undergoes ovarian stimulation.
    4. Eggs are retrieved and fertilized with sperm in lab.
    5. Embryo is transferred to surrogate’s uterus.
    6. Surrogate carries pregnancy to term.
    7. Birth certificate issued with intended parents’ names.
    8. Surrogate has no parental rights over the child.
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