How much does IVF cost in Kolkata?

Worried? With the problem of your infertility. Finding a solution as per your condition and situation? Then don’t feel stressed as “we will not let the tension of infertility make your life worse or struggle” That’s why we have come up with the treatment that is the best match according to your requirements and condition. 

IVF in Kolkata “Good things happen to a good place” kolkata is a popular destination that offers the best fertility treatments. This place is advanced in healthcare and fertility. Several IVF hospitals or IVF centres are available for infertile couples so that they can avail the treatment and get tension-free. 

However, while selecting an IVF treatment in Kolkata, the individual needs to keep in mind the IVF cost in Kolkata, the success rate, the expertise of doctors, and the experience of the centres and doctors. It’s because all these factors help the struggling individual to find the centre that can turn their dream of playing with a baby into reality. 

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Why IVF is recommended in our centre? 

Fertility Centre Siliguri
Fertility Centre Siliguri
  • Experience of more than 15 years and made 1500+ patients happy 
  • Use of advanced reproductive technologies 
  • Offering unwavering support and exceptional care 
  • A team of friendly and polite doctors, staff and specialists 
  • Complete guide throughout the journey of IVF treatment
  • Availability of surrogates and egg donors 
  • And last but importantly providing 100% legal and safe IVF. 

What is IVF? 

“IVF is HOPE and BLESSING for infertile couples” Fertility treatment for infertile couples. Couples who are infertile and want their biological child can choose this treatment. IVF is known as the test tube baby and the abbreviation of this treatment is in vitro fertilisation It involves a long procedure that extracts an egg from the woman’s ovaries and fertilises it with the male’s sperm to get an embryo that transforms into a baby. 

Who needs IVF? 

IVF is a way to experience parenthood and it is one of the most successful procedures in terms of assisted reproductive technologies. If the individual struggling with the following issues then you are an ideal match for IVF treatment: 

  • The individual with the ovulation problem. 
  • Individual with endometriosis 
  • Individuals with the issue of uterus or cervix problems.
  • Individuals with blocked or damaged fallopian tubes. 
  • Individuals with unexplained infertility. 

How the IVF procedure is performed?

IVF process step by step
IVF process step by step

The procedure of IVF is equipped with several steps that are mentioned below: 

Consultation: the fertility doctors provide consultation to the infertile couples to plan the treatment and the essential factors further.

Stimulation: the stimulation of the ovaries is done by providing hormonal medication to the women that can help in the production of multiple eggs. 

Egg retrieval: when the eggs are mature and developed then the retrieval of eggs is performed through a small surgical procedure that involves the catheter to extract the eggs from the uterus through the wall of the vagina. 

Sperm collection: when the eggs are collected, sperm retrieval is also performed to fertilise the eggs. 

Fertilisation: eggs and sperm are met and fuse to facilitate the fertilisation procedure. 

Embryo transfer: the procedure of fertilisation results in an embryo that is transferred with the help of a fine needle into the uterus of the woman through the wall of the vagina. 

Pregnancy confirmation: the blood test is used to confirm the woman’s pregnancy. This stage is performed after the 12 days of embryo transfer. Once the pregnancy is confirmed, a healthy diet and medication are provided to the pregnant woman so the baby will born healthy. 

Mentioned below is the table cost of IVF expenses: 

IVF expenses Cost of IVF expenses (INR)
Consultation (infertile couples meet with a fertility doctor to get a consultation)3k to 10k 
Tests (ultrasound, blood tests)10k to 25k 
Stimulation of ovaries (hormonal medication is prescribed to the woman)Up to 50k 
Monitoring the development of eggs 15k to 25k 
Egg retrieval from the female partner (collecting egg to facilitate fertilisation)30k to 40k 
Sperm from the male partner Up to 15k 
Fertilisation and embryo culture 15k to 30k 
Medications before the transfer of the embryo 10k to 15k 
Transfer of embryo 20k to 35k 
Pregnancy test of the woman 1k to 3k 

IVF cost in Kolkata

IVF Cost in Kolkata
IVF Cost in Kolkata

IVF- a treatment that solves the infertility of couples can be costly but it is a myth and the fact is that it is the most affordable treatment that can solve the issue of infertility. The IVF cost in Kolkata is pocket-friendly with the availability of all the facilities that are essential to make a treatment successful. 

IVF Cost in Kolkata includes all expenses such as medication, examination, tests, consultation, egg collection, sperm collection, embryo transfer, etc. Still, it costs around 1 to 2 lakh which is affordable as compared to big cities like Delhi or Mumbai where the prices of IVF are up to 2.5 lakh. 

The table shows the IVF cost in Kolkata with additional facilities or treatment: 

IVF treatment in Kolkata Cost of IVF in Kolkata 
Standard IVF cycle 1.4 to 1.9 lakh 
IVF with own eggs Up to 1.4
IVF using donor egg Up to 2.5 lakh 
IVF using donor sperm Up to 2.2 lakh 
IVF with PGD technique Up to 2.5 lakh 
IVF with ICSI 1.7 to 1.8 lakh 
IVF with laser-assisted technique 2 lakh 

Table of cost and success rate of IVF in different areas of kolkata, West Bengal:

Areas name IVF Cost in Kolkata The success rate of IVF in kolkata  
IVF Cost in kolkata 1 to 2 lakh 90 to 95%
IVF Cost in Hooghly 1.4 to 1.7 lakh 87% 
IVF Cost in Howrah 1.5 to 1.8 lakh 70 to 88% 
IVF Cost in Darjeeling 1.4 to 1.8 lakh 80 to 85% 
IVF Cost in Jalpaiguri 1.6 to 1.9 lakh 79 to 90% 
IVF Cost in Kalimpong  1.3 to 1.62 lakh 87 to 89%
IVF Cost in Malda 1.4 to 1.8 lakh 80 to 85%
IVF Cost in Nadia  1.3 to 1.72 lakh 85 to 90%
IVF Cost in Jhargram 1.4 to 1.8 lakh 79 to 88%
IVF Cost in  Bankura 1.4 to 1.8 lakh 90 to 96%

Comparing the IVF cost with the world 

Countries name Cost of IVF (USD)
India 1.1k to 4k 
USA Up to 12k 
UK Up to 6k 
Japan Up to 2.8k 
Sri Lanka Up to 4.1k 
Bangladesh 1.2k to 3.5k 

The factors affecting the IVF cost in Kolkata

IVF Costs in Kolkata
IVF Costs in Kolkata

Several factors can affect the IVF cost in Kolkata that are mentioned below: 

Age of the women: IVF with younger women has low charges as compared to IVF with older women. It’s because the younger the women, the higher the chances of successful IVF or pregnancy. 

Fresh embryo transfer or frozen embryo transfer: the frozen embryo transfer increases the success rate but it is costly so the fresh embryo transfer is the best option as the charges are lower. 

Cause of infertility: if the cause of infertility is due to male factors or other serious factors then it can require additional or advanced fertility treatment that can increase the cost and affect the cost. 

Additional facilities: in some cases, the infertile couples need extra treatments such as the PGD, IUI, ICSI, etc. that can directly influence the cost of IVF in Kolkata. The availability of egg donors, sperm donors, and egg freezing for future use can also increase the cost of IVF in Kolkata. 

The success rate of IVF in Kolkata

success rate of IVF in Kolkata
success rate of IVF in Kolkata

The success rate of IVF in Kolkata may vary in different clinics and centres. The factors like age of the women, the cause of infertility, expertise and skills of centres and doctors are also responsible for the success rate of IVF in Kolkata. So the minimum success rate of IVF is 60% and the maximum success rate of IVF in Kolkata is up to 90%. This means if the success rate is within this range then the women can get pregnant easily through the IVF procedure

Moreover, the success rate in younger women is higher compared to older women. It’s because the quality of eggs in younger women is good resulting in successful treatment. 

Table of IVF success rate based on ages: 

Woman’s age The success rate of women in Kolkata
Women aged between 20 to 25 years Up to 90%
Women aged between 25 to 30 years. 80 to 86% 
Women aged between 30 to 35 years. 77 to 80% 
Women aged between 35 to 40 years. 50 to 70% 
Women aged between 40 to 45 years. 40 to 50% 

What if the IVF procedure failed?  

If the procedure of IVF fails, the individual can follow the mentioned below options: 

Multiple attempts: yes, the individual can choose this option if the IVF fails in its first attempt as in some cases the couples don’t conceive the first time but after the repeating attempt they can get a successful pregnancy. 

Alternative options: it means the couples can choose alternative options such as the IUI, ICSI, surrogacy, egg or sperm donor. 

Adoption of baby: it is the last option if the IVF fails as adoption can provide you baby and also settle the life of the baby.

Why consider Fertility Centre Siliguri (The best IVF centre in Kolkata)?

Why consider Fertility Centre Siliguri
Fertility Centre Siliguri

Fertility Centre Siliguri- helps to welcome little wonders into your life 

Our fertility centre is a place, where the dream of having a biological child comes true. With the help of our experienced team of fertility professionals including embryologists, gynaecologists, IVF specialists, surrogacy practitioners, and obstetricians, we assure top-notch quality treatment while maintaining sky-high success rates. We have many years of experience and are well popular as the Best IVF Centre in Kolkata. We provide treatment to patients with the use of modern reproductive equipment.

We ensure a 100% successful outcome as we deeply feel the decision to choose the Surrogacy treatment. We make sure to provide the emotional and psychological support to the patients. With the help of our unwavering support and care, the individual can experience a joyful journey of AMH. Furthermore, the doctors at our fertility centre are friendly and polite and keep the centre’s atmosphere positive. So to get the glorious journey of infertility treatment, today choose us and get your biological child at a low cost. 


To Conclude, seeking IVF treatment in kolkata offers peace of mind to individuals as kolkata offers the treatment at an affordable price while ensuring the high quality of the treatment. In kolkata, our fertility centre is established with a dedication to fulfilling the dream of infertile couples. Moreover, the IVF cost in Kolkata is low and under the range of infertile couples. 

FAQs About IVF Cost in Kolkata
How much does IVF cost in Kolkata?

The IVF cost in Kolkata is based on the centre’s facilities such as the centre’s location, centre success rate, centre doctors, centre infrastructure, and the last centre’s extra facilities like availability of egg donors, sperm donors, egg freezing and the availability of surrogate mother to carry the pregnancy in case intended mother unable to carry. So on average, the cost of IVF is up to 1 or 1.5 lakh. 

Which IVF clinic has the highest success rate in kolkata? 

Fertility Centre Siliguri has the highest success rate in Kolkata. This fertility centre performs high quality to maintain a high success rate. The doctors of this fertility centre also play an important role in keeping the success rate high. 

Does IVF have a 100% success rate? 

The procedure of IVF has a high success rate that depends on several factors including the cause of infertility, the number of IVF cycles, the skills and expertise of the fertility doctors, the age of the women, etc. So on average, the success rate of IVF is up to 80% and at maximum it can range up to 95%. 

What are the side effects of IVF? 

The side effects of IVF are divided into 3 terms: long-term, short-term and emotional. The long-term includes ovarian hyperstimulation, multiple pregnancy, etc. The short-term include pain, discomfort, vomiting, irritation, itching, bruising, etc and the last emotional issues are anxiety, stress and mood swings. 

Does IVF work the first time? 

It depends on the patient’s condition, medical history and the expertise of doctors. Sometimes it works in first time and sometimes it takes multiple attempts. 

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