How much does Surrogate Mother cost in Kolkata?

“If you have the ability or capabilities to make someone happy, do it…your little help can make someone’s life beautiful”- achieving motherhood through the surrogate mother is a compassionate practice. The surrogate mother is a woman who helped countless couples to complete the dream of achieving life as a parent of their child. 

Here, in this article, we will understand the Surrogate Mother cost in Kolkata, factors related to cost, the role of a surrogate mother in the surrogacy procedure, etc but before that, you need to understand surrogacy which is a third-party reproduction practice that helped several intended couples to obtain the feeling of living the life of being a parent. 

No happiness shines brighter than that of having own baby- sometimes couples do not make their baby due to medical and other reasons. Mainly, infertility is the cause of this condition. However, surrogacy and other assisted reproductive techniques are the only way to solve this option. Some couples also choose the way of adoption to experience parenting but mostly want their own child and in that case, surrogacy plays an essential role. This fertility treatment takes the help of a surrogate mother, fertility professionals and highly technologized fertility equipment to provide the biological baby to the intended couple. 

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Choose surrogate mother in kolkata
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Surrogate Mother- an incredible woman 

A surrogate mother is a lady who carries a pregnancy to give the baby to another couple. The surrogate mother willingly helps the intended couples as they are incapable of carrying the biological child after striving for more than 1 year.  However, the surrogate mother may be the genetical mother of the child or may be not the genetic mother of the child as an egg donor or the intended mother’s egg is used in the treatment. 

Role of a surrogate mother in surrogacy procedure 

Role of a surrogate mother in Kolkata
Role of a surrogate mother in Kolkata

The role of a surrogate mother is important in a surrogacy procedure. She plays the role of substitute for the intended mother. The word surrogate itself comes from a Latin word which means to put in someone else place. She is a third party in the surrogacy process in which she willingly helps the intended couples in their dream of achieving motherhood and fatherhood. She carries the baby for couples who are not able to conceive the baby due to medical reasons. 

Surrogate medical and psychology screening 

The surrogate mother needs to undergo 2 screening procedures for the surrogacy treatment. These 3 screenings ensure the fit and healthy surrogate for the intended couples and their family. The screenings are mentioned below: 

The first screening is about the surrogate prescreening in which several types of information are gathered from the surrogate mother such as the health and pregnancy history, medical records, criminal and financial background check, and insurance information.   

The second screening is about the surrogacy consultation in which consultancy is performed with the surrogate mother. The following questions are asked of the surrogate mother:

  • The pregnancy history of the surrogate mother 
  • Medical records 
  • Why to become a surrogate mother?
  • Family and interpersonal relationships 
  • Interests and life experiences

The third screening is about the Psychological Exam in which the psychological assessment is performed. The surrogate mother performs psychological testing through the personality assessment inventory. This step takes 30 to 40 minutes. 

Once all the screenings are done then the agreement is signed between the surrogate and the intended couple as the surrogate is mentally, psychologically, physically and emotionally fit to continue the surrogacy procedure. 

Who is eligible to become a surrogate in Kolkata?

Surrogate Mother in Kolkata
Surrogate Mother in Kolkata

The woman who meets the eligibility criteria of the Surrogacy Regulation Act of 2021 can become a surrogate mother in Kolkata. The eligibility criteria include the following points: 

  • The surrogate mother should be a married woman and have a child of her own with her husband. 
  • The surrogate mother’s age should be between 25 to 35 years. 
  • The surrogate mother should hold the certificate of being mentally or physically fit. 
  • The surrogate mother should perform the surrogacy for the first time. 
  • The surrogate should be a close relative of the intended couple
  • Surrogates should be free from genetic diseases, HIV, STDs, etc. 

Why do surrogates require compensation?

The surrogate mother requires compensation as nobody likes to sacrifice her body and endure the discomfort without any compensation. Every individual on the earth requires the money to carry out their expenses. Moreover, Becoming a surrogate mother is not an easy task for any woman. It requires a lot of time, energy and mental and emotional stability. The procedure of surrogacy is complex and legal and needs significant time, energy and discomfort. The surrogate should be a special person who is ready to commit her body and valuable time for the other individual in the surrogacy procedure. 

The surrogate mother gives a remarkable gift to the intended couple. She helped the intended couples during the phase of emotional instability. She fulfils the dream long-awaited dreams of infertile couples. The surrogate mother helped the intended couples with the feeling of joy and care for the baby until the delivery. All these sacrifices show that surrogate mothers should be paid for their sacrifices. Moreover, we should be proud of the compensation paid to surrogates including the medical expenses and insurance. 

How much does a surrogate get paid?

surrogate mother get paid in kolkata
surrogate mother get paid in kolkata

For intended couples who are considering starting the procedure of surrogacy in Kolkata. The knowledge of factors involved in surrogacy cost is necessary including surrogate mother.  In big cities, the individual can expect the cost of a surrogate mother high in comparison to cities like Kolkata and Siliguri. In this paragraph, we will break the costs into smaller sections so the surrogate mother, intended couples or the individual who is seeking surrogacy and wants to know the surrogate mother’s cost can get the idea. 

So without wasting any more time let’s come to the point. The surrogate mother cost in Kolkata ranges from 4 to 5 lakh. However, this cost varies from clinic to clinic, including medications, additional expenses, travelling expenses, pregnancy care, type of surrogacy, insurance, etc several factors contribute to creating an estimate of the cost.

Mentioned below table helps you to understand the cost of a surrogate mother in Kolkata

ExpenseDescriptionCost Range (INR)
Surrogate Mother FeeBase compensation for the surrogate mother’s services, including medical procedures and pregnancy care.₹4,00,000 – ₹8,00,000
Legal FeesLegal expenses for drafting and reviewing surrogacy agreements, ensuring compliance with local regulations.₹50,000 – ₹1,00,000
Medical ExpensesCost of medical procedures, prenatal care, delivery, and any additional treatments required.₹3,00,000 – ₹5,00,000
Insurance PremiumHealth insurance coverage for the surrogate mother, including maternity benefits.₹25,000 – ₹50,000
Surrogate ScreeningCost of screening the surrogate mother for medical, psychological, and genetic suitability.₹50,000 – ₹1,00,000
Surrogate SupportMonthly allowance for the surrogate mother to cover living expenses, transportation, and other needs.₹15,000 – ₹25,000
Pregnancy-Related ExpensesAdditional costs for prenatal vitamins, maternity clothing, and other pregnancy-related items.₹25,000 – ₹50,000
Contingency FundReserved funds for unexpected expenses or complications during the surrogacy process.₹1,00,000 – ₹2,00,000
Total Cost RangeTotal estimated cost range for the surrogacy process in India.₹12,65,000 – ₹20,25,000  

Table of cost and success rate of surrogate mothers in different areas of kolkata, West Bengal:

Areas name Surrogate Mother Cost in Kolkata The success rate of Surrogate Mothers in kolkata  
Surrogate Mother Cost in kolkata 4 to 6 lakh 90 to 95%
Surrogate Mother Cost in Hooghly 4.4 to 6.7 lakh 87% 
Surrogate Mother Cost in Howrah 4.5 to 5.8 lakh 70 to 88% 
Surrogate Mother Cost in Darjeeling 4.4 to 6.8 lakh 80 to 85% 
Surrogate Mother Cost in Jalpaiguri 5.6 to 6.9 lakh 79 to 90% 
Surrogate Mother Cost in Kalimpong  5.3 to 5.62 lakh 87 to 89%
Surrogate Mother Cost in Malda 4.4 to 5.8 lakh 80 to 85%
Surrogate Mother Cost in Nadia  4.3 to 5.72 lakh 85 to 90%
Surrogate Mother Cost in Jhargram 4.4 to 5.8 lakh 79 to 88%
Surrogate Mother Cost in Bankura 5.4 to 5.8 lakh 90 to 96%

Why consider Fertility Centre Siliguri (The best surrogacy centre in Kolkata)?

Why consider Fertility Centre Siliguri
Fertility Centre Siliguri

Fertility Centre Siliguri- helps to welcome little wonders into your life 

Our fertility centre is a place, where the dream of having a biological child comes true. With the help of our experienced team of fertility professionals including embryologists, gynaecologists, IVF specialists, surrogacy practitioners, and obstetricians, we assure top-notch quality treatment while maintaining sky-high success rates. We have many years of experience and are well popular as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Kolkata. We provide treatment to patients with the use of modern reproductive equipment.

We ensure a 100% successful outcome as we deeply feel the decision to choose the Surrogacy treatment. We make sure to provide the emotional and psychological support to the patients. With the help of our unwavering support and care, the individual can experience a joyful journey of Surrogacy. Furthermore, the doctors at our fertility centre are friendly and polite and keep the centre’s atmosphere positive. So to get the glorious journey of infertility treatment, today choose us and get your biological child at a low cost. 


To conclude, the Surrogate Mother Cost in Kolkata is an expense of the surrogacy treatment. The whole procedure costs around 14 to 18 lakh but the surrogate mother’s cost is the part of surrogacy cost which is up to 4 lakh. In kolkata, it is affordable. It’s because of not too strict laws and the availability of surrogates and medical equipment. Usually, the cost of the surrogate mother is high in urban areas. Still, kolkata is the only city where the surrogate cost is low even though the city is a metropolitan area. 

FAQs (frequently asked questions)
What is the cost of a Surrogate mother in Kolkata?

The surrogate mother in kolkata gets 4 to 6 lakh for her services to intended couples. 

What is the meaning of surrogate mother? 

A surrogate mother is a special woman who is willing to help the intended couple to have a biological baby. 

How can I hire a surrogate mother in Kolkata? 

Individuals or couples can get a surrogate mother in two ways. First, bring your own surrogate, she can be a relative or a close family member of the intended couple. The second way is to your fertility centre will provide you with a surrogate mother and you will have to choose one as per your needs and requirements. 

Why commercial surrogacy is banned in kolkata?

In Kolkata, commercial surrogacy is banned to protect the surrogates from exploitation.  

Does the surrogate have any relation with the child?

No, if the parents use their gametes to transfer the embryo into the surrogate’s uterus. However, if the couple uses the egg donor or sperm donor then the intended couples have no relation with the child.

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