How much does Surrogacy cost in Siliguri?

The best destination for surrogacy is where you can find surrogacy at a reasonable cost. Surrogacy in industrialized countries or cities has higher charges which is why not all couples can choose surrogacy. Its expensiveness is becoming a barrier for infertile couples. 

Surrogacy in Siliguri has not too strict laws however, the treatment is governed by the rules and regulations of the government. The heterosexual couples are exclusively free to opt the surrogacy in Siliguri. In addition, couples from other countries are not allowed to select surrogacy as their infertility treatment.

Surrogacy Cost in Siliguri will be discussed in this guide to provide you with an understanding of everything in detail. So without wasting any more time let’s discuss the surrogacy cost and whether the treatment is right for you or not. 

surrogacy success rate
surrogacy success rate

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Surrogacy-way to begin your parenthood

pregnant with surrogacy in siliguri
surrogacy in Siliguri

Surrogacy is a fertility method for the intended couples. Yes, surrogacy is a treatment for couples who are having difficulty or are not able to conceive a child through natural insemination. This treatment helps you to get a biological child through artificial insemination. In surrogacy, the surrogate mother and doctors play an important role. They both help the intended couples to make the journey of becoming parents successful.  

How about we take a quick scientific definition of surrogacy? 

To make you more understanding about the treatment. 

Surrogacy is defined as the procedure of giving birth to the child of the intended couple. The surrogate mother and the intended couple both are legally bound by a legal contract. The contract ends when the surrogate hands the baby to the intended couple and when she becomes fit and fine after delivery. 

Now, in surrogacy, there are many forms but not all are legal. Some surrogacy is legal in Siliguri and some are not. The types of surrogacies are mentioned below with a description for your understanding:

Traditional surrogacy in which the surrogate mother uses her egg to facilitate fertilization with the intended father’s sperm. Earlier, This form of surrogacy can be done through natural or artificial insemination. Nowadays, artificial insemination is used in which the IUI technique is used to directly place the sperm into the uterus of the woman to develop an embryo that will grow as a baby.  

Gestational surrogacy is about the gametes from intended couples or donors to facilitate the fertilization and transfer of the embryo into the uterus of a woman who will carry the pregnancy.   

The altruistic surrogacy, this type of surrogacy includes the surrogate mother who has a close relationship with the intended couple. In altruistic surrogacy, the surrogate mothers are not allowed to get monetary compensation except the medical expenses and insurance. 

Commercial surrogacy is a form of surrogacy in which the surrogate mother gets monetary compensation including the medical expense and insurance. 

What is the surrogacy process step by step in Siliguri?  

surrogacy process - Fertility Centre Siliguri
surrogacy process

The surrogacy process in Siliguri includes the following mentioned below steps: 

  • The intended couples should meet the eligibility criteria whether it is legal, medical, age, nationality, etc. 
  • The second step of surrogacy is all about preparing documents, affidavits and legal contracts between the intended couples and the surrogate. A legal team is required to guide you through the process and will help you file the documents to the relevant authorities for approval. 
  • Get the certificate from the relevant authorities and board and court order from the court.
  • After the court order, the surrogate verification will be performed by the appropriate authority. The surrogate will undergo endometrial preparation. Moreover, she will be prepared for transfer. 
  • Once all the things are settled then the fertility doctor can start the IVF process which includes the diagnostic tests, screenings, egg retrieval, sperm collection, fertilization, surrogate preparation, and a date for transferring the embryo and pregnancy test.   
  • Once the pregnancy is confirmed, prenatal care is provided to the surrogate mother for 9 months. 
  • After the delivery of the child, the baby is provided to the intended couple
  • After the 2 months of delivery when the surrogate mother is healthy. she signs the NOC which means an end of the contract.  

How long does the surrogacy process take? 

How long does the surrogacy process take

The procedure of surrogacy takes 15 to 18 months. The duration of surrogacy with the procedure is mentioned below: 

  • Research and consultation: 1 to 3 months 
  • Matching with surrogate: 3 to 6 months 
  • Medical screening and contact between the surrogate and intended couples: 1 to 2 months 
  • Embryo transfer: 1 to 1.5 month 
  • Pregnancy: 9 to 10 months 
  • Delivery of baby and establishing parenteral rights: 1.5 to 3 months 

Who can opt for surrogacy in Siliguri? 

Specific eligibility criteria are given by the surrogacy law in India for the surrogate mother and intended couples: 

For the surrogate mother: 

  • The surrogate mother must be willing to carry the pregnancy without any financial gain.
  • The surrogate mother should be married. 
  • She must be already a mother 
  • She must have a certificate of mental and physical fitness
  • The age of the surrogate mother should be between 23 to 50 years. 

For the intended couples: 

  • The couple should be married for at least 5 years 
  • The age of the female partner should be between 23 to 50 years and the age of the male partner should be between 26 to 55 years.   
  • The couple must have a certificate of infertility to show their inability to conceive. 

Surrogacy cost in Siliguri

Surrogacy, an affordable journey to parenthood 

Surrogacy is popular among all other fertility options in Siliguri. It’s because the Surrogacy Cost in Siliguri is lower compared to other states of India. Usually, the surrogacy cost includes the surrogacy process charges that consist of legal charges, surrogate charges, medication charges, medical insurance, IVF charges, travelling expenses, housing and accommodation of the surrogate mother, etc. 

So, the total Surrogacy Cost in Siliguri is approximately 14 to 18 lakh.  

At our fertility centre, we believe in keeping transparency and providing easy-going treatment that doesn’t create any medical complexion. The individuals can easily afford the treatment under the guidance of our experienced medical team.

Table of surrogacy cost in Siliguri 

Surrogacy expenses Cost of surrogacy in Siliguri 
Surrogacy charges 5 to 8 lakh 
Centre charges Up to 1.5 lakh 
Legal charges 50k to 1 lakh 
Legal approval fees Up to 5 lakh 
IVF charges 1 to 2.5 lakh 
Other charges (embryo storage, insurance, screening, etc)Up to 1 lakh

Table of cost and success rate of surrogacy in different areas of Siliguri

Areas name Cost of surrogacy in Siliguri  Success rate of surrogacy in Siliguri 
Surrogacy Cost in Sevoke Road, Siliguri 14 to 18 lakh 90 to 95%
Surrogacy Cost in Champasari, Siliguri 14 to 17 lakh 87% 
Surrogacy Cost in Matigara, Siliguri 15 to 18 lakh 80 to 88% 
Surrogacy Cost in Salbari, Siliguri  14 to 18 lakh 80 to 85% 
Surrogacy Cost in Dagapur, Siliguri  16 to 19 lakh 80 to 90% 
Surrogacy Cost in Ranidanga, Siliguri 13 to 16.92 lakh 87 to 89%
Surrogacy Cost in Mahananda para, Siliguri 14 to 18.08 lakh 80 to 95%
Surrogacy Cost in Kadamtala, Siliguri  13 to 17.22 lakh 85 to 90%
Surrogacy Cost in Pradhan Nagar, Siliguri 14 to 18 lakh 89 to 95%
Surrogacy Cost in Eastern Bypass, Siliguri  14 to 18 lakh 80 to 92%
Surrogacy cost and success rates
surrogacy cost in siliguri
surrogacy cost in siliguri

Factors influencing surrogacy cost in Siliguri 

Many factors can affect or influence the Surrogacy Cost in Siliguri

  • The surrogacy centres that don’t keep transparency and charge hidden payments can influence the cost of surrogacy.
  • If the surrogacy centre is far from the residents then it can increase the travelling expense.
  • Some couples require additional treatment such as IUI, ICSI, PGD, etc, which can also increase the surrogacy cost in Siliguri. 
  • Couples with poor-quality eggs or sperm may require an egg or sperm donor which can add up to the cost. 
  • The recognised and reputed surrogacy centre with a high success rate, experienced doctors, modern reproductive technologies, etc can charge more as compared to other centres.  

The success rate of surrogacy in Siliguri 

Get the sky-high success with us. We are equipped with all the facilities that provide the highest success rates such as the use of advanced technology, highly educated and experienced doctors, well-built infrastructure, etc. 

The success rate of surrogacy in Siliguri is decided by the age of the woman. If the woman is younger then the chances of conceiving a healthy pregnancy increase. In older women, the chances of conceiving the pregnancy decrease as their eggs are of poor quality. The success rate of surrogacy in Siliguri ranges from 75 to 90%. 

Mentioned below table makes you understand the success rates based on age: 

The success rate of surrogacy based on age Success rate of surrogacy in Siliguri 
women with age between 21 to 35 years  Up to 95%
women with age between 35 to 40 years   Up to 83%
women with age between 40 to 45 years  40 to 70%
women with age between 45 to 50 years  35 to 60%
surrogacy success rates according to age

Why consider Fertility Centre Siliguri (Best Surrogacy Centre in Siliguri)?

Why consider Fertility Centre Siliguri
Fertility Centre Siliguri

Fertility Centre Siliguri- helps to welcome little wonders in your life 

Our fertility centre is a place, where the dream of having a biological child comes true. With the help of our experienced team of fertility professionals including embryologists, gynaecologists, IVF specialists, surrogacy practitioners, and obstetricians, we assure top-notch quality treatment while maintaining sky-high success rates. We have experience of many years and are well popular as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Siliguri. We provide treatment to patients with the use of modern reproductive equipment.

We ensure a 100% successful outcome as we deeply feel the decision to choose the Surrogacy treatment. We make sure to provide the emotional and psychological support to the patients. With the help of our unwavering support and care, the individual can experience the joyful journey of IVF. Furthermore, the doctors at our fertility centre are friendly and polite and they keep the atmosphere of the centre positive. So to get the glorious journey of IVF, today choose us and get your biological child at a low cost. 


To conclude, if you want to know more about surrogacy or Surrogacy Cost in Siliguri or any other state of India then check out our website at Fertility Centre Siliguri. We provide legally secure and affordable surrogacy services to the intended couple. Our medical team will analyse if you are meeting the eligibility criteria or not. If you are not eligible for surrogacy in Siliguri or any part of India then we will provide you with surrogacy options in other countries as we are committed to achieving your dream of experiencing parenting. So feel free to contact us and make your dreams a reality. 

FAQs about surrogacy cost in Siliguri
Is surrogacy legal in Siliguri? 

Yes, surrogacy is legal in Siliguri but only for couples who are in a marriage of at least 5 years and don’t have any biological or adopted child. 

What is the cost of surrogacy in Siliguri?

The cost of surrogacy in Siliguri is justified along with the availability of all the facilities. The cost of surrogacy in Siliguri ranges from 14 to 18 lakh. 

What is the success rate of surrogacy in Siliguri? 

The success rate of surrogacy in Siliguri is high as compared to other cities or states in India. It ranges up to 85%. 

Is surrogacy pregnancy risky? 

The surrogacy pregnancy has the same risks as normal pregnancy. The women can feel the morning sickness, swelling, vomiting, discomfort, miscarriage, etc. 

Which surrogacy is banned? 

As per the Surrogacy Regulation Act 2021, traditional and commercial surrogacy is banned in Siliguri and only gestational and altruistic surrogacy is allowed in India. 

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