Top 10 Best Surrogacy Centre in Kolkata With High Success Rates

Let’s delve into the search for the Best Surrogacy Centre in Kolkata. It’s crucial to discover the right surrogacy centre that caters for the needs of the patients. The surrogacy centre with a passion for delivering high standards of care and support to the intended couples that result in successful treatment. 

In this article, we will discuss the available surrogacy centres in Kolkata offering infertility treatment at affordable prices and the centre that ensures a high success rate with the usage of the latest technology or reproductive equipment and the doctor’s knowledge and skills contribute to the success of treatment. 

The aim main of this article is to provide you with the correct information regarding the Surrogacy Clinic in Kolkata so that the intended couples can make an informed decision and can smoothly get the surrogacy treatment. Making their surrogacy journey simple and not complicated. 

Here’s why trust us:

“When the world says, ‘Give Up’, we whisper, ‘Try one more time’.” – it’s because we believe in hope and patience that helps in achieving the dream of parenting. 

  • Offering free online consultation 
  • Low prices for all fertility treatments 
  • The sky-high success rate of all the treatments 
  • Availability of all fertility treatments (IVF, surrogacy, PGD, IUI, ICSI, etc)
  • Contact us at 8368357006

Why surrogacy is recommended in our centre? 

  • Experience of more than 15 years and made 1500+ patients happy 
  • Use of advanced reproductive technologies 
  • Offering unwavering support and exceptional care 
  • A team of friendly and polite doctors, staff and specialists 
  • Complete guide throughout the journey of surrogacy treatment
  • Availability of surrogates and egg donors 
  • And last but importantly providing 100% legal and safe surrogacy. 

What does surrogacy mean?

Surrogacy in Kolkata
Surrogacy in Kolkata

Getting a perfect life with a baby is everyone’s dream. Couples plan their life and sometimes they fail to achieve that perfect life with a baby. It’s just because they are unable to conceive a baby. So to help the intended couples, the surrogacy treatment is made. When the couple is unable to conceive a pregnancy then the surrogacy treatment is used. This treatment involves a third party who carries the pregnancy on behalf of the intended mother. Surrogacy means a surgical procedure that involves the intended couple and third party to conceive a biological baby. 

The role of surrogate in surrogacy 

The surrogate mother plays a crucial role in the surrogacy procedure. She performs in the place of the intended mother. The surrogate mother is also commonly known as the carrier. Her role in the surrogacy procedure is to work as a substitute for the intended couples. There are two types of surrogates in Kolkata. Traditional surrogate and gestational surrogate. However, traditional carriers are not allowed. Only gestational carriers are allowed to perform the surrogacy as this type of surrogate has no genetic link with the child. 

Does surrogacy treatment have types? 

Yes, the surrogacy treatment has 4 types: 

Traditional surrogacy: when the intended couple uses the surrogate’s egg with the intended father’s sperm to facilitate fertilisation, directly placing the embryo into the uterus through the IUI procedure. 

Gestational surrogacy: when the intended couple uses their gametes to conceive a pregnancy through the procedure of IVF. 

Altruistic surrogacy: this type of surrogacy involves the surrogate who is a close relative of the intended couple. In this surrogacy, the surrogate is not compensated for her work. However, medical expenses and insurance coverage are allowed. 

Commercial surrogacy: in this surrogacy, the surrogate mother gets the monetary compensation including the medical expenses and insurance. 

At last, traditional and commercial surrogacy is not allowed in kolkata. However, gestational and altruistic surrogacy is allowed in kolkata. 

From where to get surrogacy treatment?

surrogacy centre in Kolkata
surrogacy centre in Kolkata

The individual needs to select the surrogacy centre to get surrogacy treatment. The surrogacy centres help you to make your surrogacy journey flawless and without worries. They manage your all stages from the start to the end of the procedure. In our opinion, the Fertility Centre Siliguri is perfect for getting surrogacy in kolkata without worrying about the cost as the surrogacy and other infertility treatments are affordable and under budget at this centre. 

Factors necessary to consider when selecting the surrogacy centre:

The surrogacy centre with a good reputation and recognition performs well so start your search for centres with a reputation. 

Choose the centre with proven success rate track records. The centres with a high success rate ensure the successful pregnancy of the individual. 

Select the surrogacy centre that adheres to all the legal requirements and regulations governing surrogacy treatment in kolkata. 

The centre comes with the latest technologies and techniques to treat the intended couples. 

The centre with experienced and highly qualified doctors that involve gynaecology, obstetrician, nurses, etc. 

Best Surrogacy Centre in kolkata 

1. Fertility Centre Siliguri (Best Surrogacy Centre in Kolkata)

Fertility Centre Siliguri - Best Surrogacy Centre in Kolkata
Fertility Centre Siliguri – Best Surrogacy Centre in Kolkata

Begin your surrogacy journey along with Fertility Centre Siliguri. This surrogacy centre is a leading surrogacy centre in the leading destination. This surrogacy centre strives to make every effort to provide for the little newborn in their lives. This surrogacy centre comes with 24*7 online support and offers free consultation to intended couples. 

The centre has 15 years of experience. It means the centre has expertise in this industry since 2009. The doctors of this surrogacy centre are highly educated and hold several years of experience in the fertility industry. With the help of state-of-the-art treatments and personalised care along with unparalleled support, the centre ensures a positive outcome. 

In addition, this surrogacy centre comes with several services such as surrogacy, IVF, IUI, ICSI, PESA, TESA, MESA, Azoospermia, etc. All these infertility treatments are available at reasonable prices at this surrogacy centre. 

2. Ghosh Dastidar institute for fertility research, kolkata 

Best Surrogacy Centre in Kolkata
Ghosh Dastidar institute for fertility research, kolkata

Start the surrogacy treatment with the Ghosh Dastidar Institute for Fertility Research. The centre offers the leading infertility treatment and best surrogacy centre in kolkata. This surrogacy centre is internationally recognised for its excellent work in the fertility industry. Dr Sudarsan Ghosh Dastidar is the director of this surrogacy and has an experience of 30 years in this industry. 

This surrogacy centre has experience of 20 years of bringing joy and happiness to the lives of intended couples. This surrogacy centre made 26k patients happy with the 12k pregnancies. Moreover, the centre has performed 6k+ ICSI pregnancies.  

Highly qualified doctors, infrastructure, educated staff, nurses, etc. make sure to offer exceptional care and unwavering support to the intended individuals. In addition, the centre provides a high success rate of surrogacy treatment and all the infertility treatments offered by this fertility centre. With the use of ART techniques, they ensure happiness in the faces of intended couples. 

3. Siliguri IVF Centre (Best Affordable Surrogacy Centre)

Affordable Surrogacy Centre in Kolkata
Affordable Surrogacy Centre in Kolkata

Siliguri IVF Centre is the easiest path to achieve the dream of parenting. The centre uses personalised care and unparalleled support to make the journey of surrogacy comfortable and worry-free. This surrogacy centre is equipped with solutions for all types of infertility issues. 

This surrogacy centre is dedicated to turning the dream of parenthood into reality. With its proven success, the individual can get the baby in your lap. Its 20 years of experience shows the expertise of this surrogacy centre. In addition, the centre’s 25+ specialist delivers the 1000+ babies. 

This surrogacy centre is equipped with infertility treatments that address the patient’s specific requirements and needs. They ensure to guide in each step of the surrogacy journey. The fertility treatments of this surrogacy centre include surrogacy, IVF, ICSI, IUI, TESA, PESA, egg freezing, egg donor, etc. 

4. Genome Fertility Centre 

Best Surrogacy Clinic in Kolkata
Genome Fertility Centre

Genome Fertility Centre is considered the best surrogacy centre in Kolkata that offers the perfect fertility solutions, providing treatments for all types of infertility issues. The centre caters for the needs and requirements of couples facing the problem of conceiving the pregnancy. 

The centre has a mission to support and facilitate individuals going through the procedure of assisted reproductive technologies. In addition, offering transparent care and affordable prices to the intended couples. This surrogacy centre’s latest and most advanced reproductive technologies offer the highest success rate among the other fertility centres. 

The centre converts the dream to reality with its 18 years of experience and trust by infertile couples. With expertise in male or female infertility, the centre ensures the perfect happy life with their babies. So the fertility treatments offered by this surrogacy centre are surrogacy, IVF, IUI, ICSI, PGD, egg donor, etc. 

5. Right Choice Fertility Centre (Best Centre For Surrogacy In Kolkata)

Surrogacy Centre in Kolkata
Right Choice Fertility Centre (Best Centre For Surrogacy In Kolkata)

With its highly experienced and educated fertility specialists and doctors, the path to parenthood becomes more easy. Its medical team includes embryologists, urologists, and gynaecologists, and comes to fulfil the dream of intended couples with the help of its skills and abilities. 

With its 25 years of experience, the individual can embark on the incredible journey of parenthood. The support and expertise provided by this surrogacy centre help the individual begin their journey of becoming a parent. 

The fertility services offered by the Right Choice Fertility Centre are surrogacy, IVF, IUI, ICSI, egg donor, female infertility, etc. This surrogacy centre’s expertise, personalised care, high success rate and compassionate support attract the intended couples. 

6. Sparsha Infertility Center 

Best Surrogacy Agency in Kolkata
Sparsha Infertility Center

Sparsha Infertility Center is the best surrogacy centre in kolkata with high success rates, offering world-class fertility facilities to the intended couples. The centre’s infertility treatments such as surrogacy, IVF, IUI, ICSI, laparoscopy, TESA, hysteroscopy, donor program, cryopreservation, etc. ensure the cure of infertile couples. 

This surrogacy centre considers the patients as their family and they believe that every patient deserves high-quality care and support. Moreover, the prices of infertility treatments are affordable in this fertility centre. The centre is equipped with world-class infrastructure and cutting-edge equipment and treatment that results in successful treatment. 

The reasons for choosing this fertility centre are high success rates, cost-effective packages, skilled and dedicated fertility doctors, and availability of all types of infertility treatments. This surrogacy centre provides 24*7 assistance to the intended couples and provides the answers to all your queries and questions. 

7. Indira IVF 

Best Surrogacy Destination in Kolkata
Best Surrogacy Destination in Kolkata

Are you facing infertility issues? Indira IVF is the best option for you. This surrogacy centre has done 1.5 lakh successful pregnancies. The centre is equipped with 130+ advanced clinics that offer high success rates. The centre has experienced fertility doctors who use the latest technologies to provide successful treatment 

This fertility centre is committed to bringing surrogacy treatment all over the country. The centre offers expertise and care to the intended couples. The availability of infertility treatments made this centre the best place to visit if the individual has an infertility issue. 

The centre is equipped with well-built infrastructure ensuring all the facilities for the intended couples. The infertility services offered by this surrogacy centre are surrogacy programs, IVF, IUI, ICSI, PGD, egg freezing, egg donor, etc. 

8. Neotia Getwell Healthcare Centre 

Low Cost Surrogacy Centre in Kolkata
Neotia Getwell Healthcare Centre

Neotia Getwell Healthcare Centre is a world-class multispeciality hospital in kolkata, offering hi-tech infrastructure and specialised medical facilities. The centre has a goal of catering to the needs of individuals struggling with infertility. The centre’s main focus is on the quality of the treatments and always willing to service the people and solve their issues. 

This surrogacy centre has a mission to provide affordable, safe and patient-centric healthcare services to the intended couples. In addition, the centre helps the individuals during the ups and downs phase hence emotional and psychological support is provided to the intended couples. 

The use of the latest reproductive technologies, high success rates, experienced doctors, and availability of egg donors and surrogates made this surrogacy centre preferable for infertile couples. 

9. Urvaraa IVF Fertility Center 

Best Surrogacy Centres in Kolkata
Urvaraa IVF Fertility Center 

Urvaraa IVF Fertility Center is Kolkata’s most reputed and recognised fertility centre. The centre has been praised by many awards. With the help of internationally trained infertility doctors and specialists, the centre has provided exceptional care and unshakable support to the intended couples. 

The centre offers advanced techniques, personalised treatments and plans, proper guidance throughout the procedure, etc to make the way to parenthood easier and more comfortable. The centre’s compressive care and support made this centre the first choice of the intended couples. 

This fertility centre’s experienced and specialised medical team maintains high success rates, offering transparent treatment. The fertility services provided by this fertility centre are surrogacy, IVF, IUI, ICSI, PGD, egg freezing, etc. 

10. Institute of Human Reproductive 

Top 10 Best Surrogacy Centres in Kolkata
Institute of human reroduction Kolkata

With the help of surrogacy treatment, this fertility centre helps you to fulfil your dream of parenthood. Since 1980, the centre has been dedicated to delivering happiness to the intended couples. So it’s been 40+ years since the centre has delivered 25k pregnancies. With the use of the most advanced technologies and hi-tech facilities, the centre provides a positive outcome. 

The Institute of Human Reproductive has highly experienced doctors and medical staff dedicated to providing you with successful results of infertility treatment. This centre is dedicated to offering comfortable and affordable infertility solutions to the intended couples. 

The centre’s infrastructure is greatly built and equipped with all the facilities that would be necessary to provide top-notch quality infertility treatment to individuals. 

Surrogacy cost in Kolkata
Surrogacy Cost in Kolkata
Surrogacy Cost in Kolkata

Now, we know all the factors that are necessary to get surrogacy but we need to discuss one more essential factor which is the cost of surrogacy. Sometimes, individuals finalise all things but in the end, cost becomes a barrier. That’s why we have come up with a solution that can help you. 

At our fertility centre, we offer surrogacy costs at low and affordable prices. We keep every individual’s situation in mind before telling the cost of infertility treatment. Moreover, the cost of our fertility centre is fixed. 

So the cost of surrogacy in kolkata ranges from 9 to 18 lakh. Every individual needs to pay different prices under this range as the cost of surrogacy varies from patient to patient and from clinic to clinic. Location of the centre, success rate of centre, charges of surrogacy practitioners, surrogate’s compensation, medication charges, etc. 

Table of surrogacy cost in Kolkata:

Surrogacy expenses Surrogacy Cost in kolkata 
Surrogacy charges 5 to 8 lakh 
Centre charges Up to 1.5 lakh 
Legal charges 50k to 1 lakh 
Legal approval fees Up to 5 lakh 
IVF charges 1 to 2.5 lakh 
Other charges (embryo storage, insurance, screening, etc)Up to 1 lakh
Surrogate compensation 4 to 6 lakh 

Table of cost and success rate of surrogacy in different areas of kolkata, West Bengal: 

Areas name Surrogacy Cost in Kolkata The success rate of surrogacy in kolkata  
Surrogacy Cost in kolkata 14 to 18 lakh 90 to 95%
Surrogacy Cost in Hooghly 14 to 17 lakh 87% 
Surrogacy Cost in Howrah 15 to 18 lakh 70 to 88% 
Surrogacy Cost in Darjeeling 14 to 18 lakh 80 to 85% 
Surrogacy Cost in Jalpaiguri 16 to 19 lakh 79 to 90% 
Surrogacy Cost in Kalimpong  13 to 16.92 lakh 87 to 89%
Surrogacy Cost in Malda 14 to 18.08 lakh 80 to 85%
Surrogacy Cost in Nadia  13 to 17.22 lakh 85 to 90%
Surrogacy Cost in Jhargram 14 to 18 lakh 79 to 88%
Surrogacy Cost in  Bankura 14 to 18 lakh 90 to 96%
The success rate of surrogacy in kolkata
success rate of surrogacy in Kolkata
success rate of surrogacy in Kolkata

In kolkata, the success rate of surrogacy is up to 95%. So getting the surrogacy in kolkata can be beneficial for the individual struggling with infertility as the intended couples can get a successful surrogacy. Moreover, the success rate of surrogacy depends on several factors including the age of the individuals, cause of infertility, no of cycles, expertise and knowledge of the surrogacy practitioners, and the centre. 

Get the Idea of the success rate of surrogacy based on age: 

The success rate of surrogacy based on age The success rate of surrogacy in kolkata 
women with age between 21 to 35 years  Up to 95%
women with age between 35 to 40 years   Up to 73%
women with age between 40 to 45 years  40 to 70%
women with age between 45 to 50 years  35 to 60%
Why consider Fertility Centre Siliguri (The best surrogacy centre in Kolkata)?
Why consider Fertility Centre Siliguri
Fertility Centre Siliguri

Fertility Centre Siliguri- helps to welcome little wonders into your life 

Our fertility centre is a place, where the dream of having a biological child comes true. With the help of our experienced team of fertility professionals including embryologists, gynaecologists, IVF specialists, surrogacy practitioners, and obstetricians, we assure top-notch quality treatment while maintaining sky-high success rates. We have many years of experience and are well popular as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Kolkata. We provide treatment to patients with the use of modern reproductive equipment.

We ensure a 100% successful outcome as we deeply feel the decision to choose the Surrogacy treatment. We make sure to provide the emotional and psychological support to the patients. With the help of our unwavering support and care, the individual can experience a joyful journey of surrogacy. Furthermore, the doctors at our fertility centre are friendly and polite and keep the centre’s atmosphere positive. So to get the glorious journey of infertility treatment, today choose us and get your biological child at a low cost. 


To conclude, selecting the best surrogacy centre in kolkata is essential as this fulfils the dream of couples striving to achieve fertility. To make an informed decision in the selection of a surrogate centre, the individual needs to evaluate some factors such as reputation, cost, location, success rate, legal requirements, etc.  

Furthermore, remember to consult with several surrogacy centres and compare and analyse all centres and choose the one that fulfils your requirements and can provide you with a positive and successful outcome. 

FAQs (frequently asked questions)
Who is eligible for surrogacy in kolkata?

The intended couples are not able to conceive a baby after many years of trying. In kolkata, married infertile couples with Indian nationality are allowed to get the treatment. 

Which fertility centre is the best surrogacy centre in Kolkata?

Fertility Centre Siliguri is the best surrogacy centre in Kolkata that offers top-notch quality surrogacy services to intended couples with the use of the latest technology and reproductive equipment. 

What is the risk of surrogacy?

The surrogacy treatment has the same risks as the normal pregnancy such as discomfort, irritation, pain, nausea, vomiting, etc. 

Which type of surrogacy is allowed in kolkata? 

Gestational and altruistic surrogacy is allowed in Kolkata as in these two surrogacies, the surrogate has no genetic relation with the child and there is no exploitation of surrogates. 

How much does surrogacy cost in Kolkata?

The cost of surrogacy in Kolkata ranges from 9 to 18 lakh which is low compared to other cities or states of India. The surrogacy cost depends on several factors including the location, success rate, expertise, travelling expenses, doctors’ charges, surrogate charges, etc. 

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