How much does Surrogacy cost in Nepal?

If you are looking for the best surrogacy centre in Nepal that offers affordable surrogacy costs in Nepal then you have landed on the right page. Here, in this guide, we are equipped with the full information related to surrogacy cost in Nepal. You can explore the procedure, success rate, side effects and other things related to surrogacy. So, let’s start this guide. 

The improvement in the fertility industry made the Cost of surrogacy in Nepal affordable. Nepal helps individuals to fulfil the long-awaited dream of experiencing motherhood and fatherhood. However, before going any further first let’s know why you should trust our fertility centre or believe us for surrogacy treatment. 

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Understanding surrogacy 

surrogacy in Nepal cost
surrogacy in Nepal

“Surrogacy- the perfect solution for infertility”

Surrogacy is a term which means a process used to treat the infertility of couples. This method involves different parties and expertise. Intended couples which means the couples who will get the surrogacy and the surrogate, the lady who is going to help the intended couples are involved in the surrogacy method. 

Nowadays, with the use of modern technology and the expertise of fertility professionals, the process of surrogacy delivers a positive outcome. This treatment has been practised for several years but the methods were different back then, currently, other methods have gained popularity   

Forms of surrogacy in Nepal 

Surrogacy has various forms that are mentioned below: 

Traditional surrogacy is a form of surrogacy where the surrogate mother has a blood relation with the child as the eggs of the surrogate mother are utilised to fertilise with the sperm of the intended father. Hence, the intended father has a blood relation with the child but the intended mother has no blood relation with the child. 

Commercial surrogacy involves surrogacy that is used as a business in which surrogate mothers are exploited. Poor young girls are used in the name of money to provide surrogacy services. Moreover, the surrogacy centre charges more for the care of the surrogate mother from the intended couple and does not offer care and proper support to the surrogate mother. 

Altruistic surrogacy involves the surrogacy treatment in which the surrogate mother has a close relationship with the intended couple. In this surrogacy process, the surrogate helps the intended couple without compensation. 

Gestational surrogacy is similar to traditional surrogacy in which couples have blood relations with the child. The surrogate plays the role of carrying the child, delivering the child and giving it to the intended couple.  

What’s the role of Surrogate mothers in surrogacy? 

surrogate mother in Nepal
surrogate mother in Nepal

“To the world, you are a normal person but to one person you are the last hope”

The surrogate mother word comes from the Latin word “surrogare” which means a substitute or act in someone else place. A surrogate is a person who helps the intended couple when the couple does not conceive the pregnancy naturally then she acts as a substitute on the place of the intended mother. 

Here’s a question arises, how did she help another couple?

So surrogate mother is used in the place of the intended mother. It means in the process of surrogacy, eggs and sperm are needed to facilitate the fertilisation process and these are collected from the intended couples and combined to start fertilization. Once the fertilisation stage is completed it results in the embryo which is taken and transferred into the surrogate’s uterus to develop the pregnancy. After that, the surrogate mother carries the pregnancy until the delivery of the child. Once the child is delivered, the surrogate mother hands the child to the intended mother and then they are the legal parents of the child.  

Is surrogacy legal in Nepal?

Is surrogacy legal in Nepal
Is surrogacy legal in Nepal

In Nepal, the services of surrogacy are banned. On 25 August 2015, the Nepal Supreme Court halted surrogacy and surrogacy was banned on 18 September 2015 by the decision of the cabinet. In short, since 2015, surrogacy is illegal for couples. The reason for banning surrogacy in Nepal is affecting negatively women’s reproductive rights resulting in exploitation, violence, and trafficking. 

Before the final decision by the Nepal Supreme Court, the court ordered the surrogacy regulation authorities to consider the points to regulate and manage surrogacy in Nepal but there’s no step was taken relating to surrogacy in Nepal: 

  • As per the Nepal rules, if the Nepali couples are married and have a certificate of infertility from the medical board then the couples are allowed for surrogacy. 
  • A woman’s womb can’t be used for commercialised purposes, banning commercial surrogacy. 
  • Foreign couples are not permitted to get surrogacy in Nepal.
  • A mutual agreement between the surrogate and the intended couple is required to start the surrogacy process. 
  • Same-sex couples, single men, and single women are not allowed to get surrogacy. 
  • Surrogacy must be used only for altruistic and non-purpose commercial surrogacy. 

What is the surrogacy cost in Nepal?

Surrogacy Cost in Nepal
Surrogacy Cost in Nepal

“Is price becoming a barrier in your way of getting the surrogacy? Then don’t worry we have affordable options for you. We are equipped with budget-friendly prices for surrogacy”– To achieve the dream of experiencing parenthood, surrogacy can be a worthwhile investment for the intended couples. For this investment, the individual needs to consider various elements that can provide impact. For instance, some elements can increase or decrease the cost of surrogacy and some can deteriorate or improve the surrogacy quality. 

So we need to keep all the aspects in mind to get the best surrogacy treatment at affordable prices. The surrogacy cost in Nepal is affordable compared to other countries. In Nepal, the surrogacy cost is up to 12k USD. The cost includes the medical expenses and the surrogate compensation. 

Factors affecting the surrogacy cost in Nepal 

Surrogacy can be influenced by many factors including the following: 

Medical expenses: these expenses include the IVF process, medication, doctor’s charges, stimulation charges, retrieval charges, fertilization, embryo transfer, etc. 

Surrogate mother’s compensation: In surrogacy, the surrogate is involved. She helps the couples and in return gets compensation which increases the surrogacy cost in Nepal. 

Legal work charges: The surrogacy process starts with making a contract which requires a lawyer who reviews the contract that contains the responsibilities and duties of the parties that are involved in the process. The documentation and the charges of the lawyer can increase the cost of surrogacy in Nepal. 

Surrogacy agency: this agency handles and maintains the work of the intended couples regarding surrogacy. The agency finds the surrogate for you. However, hiring an agency for surrogacy can be an expensive factor for the individual. 

Additional needs: some cases require the ICSI, IUI, PGD, egg donor and egg freezing facilities that can directly affect the cost of surrogacy in Nepal. 

The success rate of surrogacy in Nepal 

success rate of surrogacy in Nepal
success rate of surrogacy in Nepal

Knowing about the success rate of surrogacy is everyone’s curious question as the success of surrogacy can offer a successful outcome of the treatment. The success rate of surrogacy in Nepal depends on various factors such as the age of the woman, sperm quality of the male partner, and the number of attempts. Usually, couples get three attempts of the treatment. So on average, the success of surrogacy in Nepal ranges from 80 to 95%. 

Mentioned below is the success rate of surrogacy based on several attempts:

Number of attempts The success rate of surrogacy in Nepal
First attempt 30 to 60%
2nd attempt 65 to 75%
3rd attempt 80 to 95%

Why consider Fertility Centre Siliguri (The best fertility Centre in Nepal)?

Why consider Fertility Centre Siliguri
Fertility Centre Siliguri

Fertility Centre Siliguri- helps to welcome little wonders in your life 

Our fertility centre is a place, where the dream of having a biological child comes true. With the help of our experienced team of fertility professionals including embryologists, gynaecologists, IVF specialists, surrogacy practitioners, and obstetricians, we assure top-notch quality treatment while maintaining sky-high success rates. We have experience of many years and are well popular as the Best Fertility Centre in Nepal. We provide treatment to patients with the use of modern reproductive equipment.

We ensure a 100% successful outcome as we deeply feel the decision to choose the fertility treatment. We make sure to provide the emotional and psychological support to the patients. With the help of our unwavering support and care, the individual can experience the joyful journey of fertility. Furthermore, the doctors at our fertility centre are friendly and polite and they keep the atmosphere of the centre positive. So to get the glorious journey of fertility, today choose us and get your biological child at a low cost. 


To conclude, if you want to get surrogacy packages at affordable prices with one of the best fertility centres that ensures a high success rate and offers guaranteed packages then our fertility centre in Nepal is one of the best options. At our centre, the individual can get the best surrogacy cost in Nepal. With the help of us, people can get the benefit of both quality and low prices. We maintain high-quality treatment. So feel free to contact our surrogacy centre and our highly experienced medical team will promise you to make your dream of conceiving a baby a reality. 

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

What is the average cost of using surrogacy in Nepal? 

The average Surrogacy in Nepal is up to 12k which is under budget for most individuals as compared to other fertility centres. 

What is the benefit of surrogacy? 

The benefit of surrogacy is that it helps you cure your infertility and helps you to conceive a healthy and normal pregnancy. 

Which surrogacy centre is best for surrogacy? 

The Fertility Centre Siliguri is best for surrogacy treatment. The centre has all the qualities that are required to get a successful surrogacy treatment. The centre can provide you with the emotional and psychological support of infertile individuals and can ensure you a healthy baby.

Is surrogacy pregnancy risky? 

The surrogacy pregnancy has the same risks as normal pregnancy. So with surrogacy pregnancy, the woman can feel the morning sickness, swelling, vomiting, discomfort, miscarriage, etc.  

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